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How To Choose a Water Tank For Your Home

When it comes to water tanks, the choices can get a little overwhelming. From fiberglass and polyethylene water tanks, to steel and copper water tanks, there are so many options that picking just one might seem impossible. But don’t despair! We’ve got you covered with this guide on how to choose the perfect tank for your home. So keep reading below for our tips on what you should consider when looking for your next water tank!

1. What size of tank do I need?

This is probably the first question that springs to mind; but in order to answer it we must first ask another: where do I store my water? If you have plenty of space outside or near your house then a big tank is a fantastic idea for ensuring you have an ample supply of clean water at all times. However, if space is tight then it’s probably best to get a smaller tank to make sure there will be room for it and that you don’t end up with something too big for the place you want to store it in.

2. Where will I be putting my new water tank and how long will it stay there?

The location of your new water tank, whether that’s outside or in the garage, must be carefully considered before you decide on what type to get for your home. Some tanks are more suited to areas with extreme temperatures than others, so it’s important to look at the materials used in a water tank before deciding on one for your home.

3. How will I be using my new water tank?

Depending on how you plan to use your new water tank, it might be more suitable to get a tank that has certain features over others. For instance, if you live in a city then you might want to consider getting a UV filter fitted to your new water tank, as the sun’s rays will naturally purify and clean the water contained within.

4. Do I need a certain certification?

If you live outside of an area connected to mains sewerage or your local government requires that you have your own on-site water supply, then you may be subject to certain regulations that must be met before installing a new water tank. These can include certifications related to the design of the tank and materials used in its construction, as well as whether or not it is required for rainwater harvesting, so make sure you find out what is required before you invest in a new water tank!

5. How much do I want to spend on my new water tank?

Even though money shouldn’t be the deciding factor, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by information when trying to decide on which water tank is best for your needs and end up spending more than you should. Make sure to do your research first so you’ll know what you get for your money and make an informed decision on whether or not it fits your budget.

6. How much space outside do I have?

As mentioned earlier, the location of your new water tank is very important when deciding which one to get. Bigger tanks need more space and so you might not be able to get a certain tank if there isn’t enough room outside for it.

7. How much water storage space do I need?

You must decide how much water storage space you need before choosing a size of tank for your home. If you live in an area with plenty of rain, you might only need a medium sized tank and have space for it outside. However, if you live in an area with less rain or that is prone to drought then a larger water tank may be required so you always have clean drinking water on hand!

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new water tank for your home, but it’s worth spending the time to get these choices correct so you won’t regret your purchase later on down the line. Our tips should help you get started in choosing the perfect tank and we hope that they prove useful!

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