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How Often Should You Disinfect Surfaces in Your Home

A lot of people think that if they have a clean house, they don’t need to disinfect surfaces. That’s just not true. In this post, I’m going to discuss why it’s necessary to disinfect surfaces and how often you should do so. Here are some factors that affect the frequency:

1. How many people are in your household? The more people who live in your house, the more frequently you should disinfect surfaces. Why? Because we shed skin cells and other germs on a regular basis. When a lot of people share the same living space, those bacteria levels will be higher than if only one or two people live there. You can think of it this way: the more people, the more germs.

2. How many bathrooms or kitchens do you have? If you don’t have a dedicated bathroom, and only one person uses a toilet, you’ll probably need to disinfect that area less often than someone who has multiple toilets for multiple users. In other words, if there’s a toilet used by only one person, you won’t use disinfectants as often.

3. Do you have kids? Kids touch stuff and then put their hands in their mouth all the time. They also like to play outside and take things into their bedroom that aren’t theirs (like toys, for example). If they’re eating and touching things that aren’t theirs, they can spread contamination throughout the home. If you have kids, disinfect surfaces more frequently.

4. Do you clean your house regularly? The better you maintain your house, the less likely you’re going to be impacted by germs and bacteria. A good cleaning regimen means less frequent use of disinfectants because there aren’t as many germs to be disinfected.

5. Is your home in the city? If you live in an urban area, chances are there are more people around you than if you lived out west on a farm. That means there’s a greater chance of some of those people having colds or carrying illnesses that can spread through the air. As a result, you should disinfect more frequently.

6. Do you have pets? Pets like to lick and touch stuff too. If they put their paws or mouth on something that is contaminated with virus or bacteria and then bring them into your home, it’s likely that the contamination will spread if not cleaned up right away. Be sure to disinfect daily. This is a big one!

The question of how often you should disinfect surfaces in your home is a bit more complicated than the short answer that many people give when asked this question. Disinfecting doesn’t just mean simply spraying some cleaner on an object and wiping it clean with a rag, as there are several factors to consider before deciding whether or not something needs to be cleaned again.

Our blog can help answer all of your questions about bacteria, germs, and what they do for those who come into contact with them. We hope you’ll take time out of your day to read through our posts so that next time someone asks if they need to disinfect a surface, you’ll know exactly what type of cleaning agent will best suit their situation!

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